Getting maximum of the similar recommendation feature

How to get maximum of the similar recommendation feature in your online store?

Usually similar recommendations are based on the product category, collection, and other ways, such as “other people also bought”. However, this is limited approach, as you quite never know, what your customer is actually looking for. Instead, let your online store customers decide, what they are interested in! With visual recommendations, e-shoppers are able to look for visually similar products in your store. Simply, every single picture in your store may act as a search picture to search for the similar items. Check the video below how it works and give it a try at

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How to find your dream furniture?

Thinking about new furniture? Or maybe you have a picture of your dream interior? Upload it to Deinavos Baldai website at  and GetSnap’s visual search solution will suggest visually most similar products to choose from.

Visual search is a great tool for furniture retailers, as it allows to search not only for certain products, but also could be a way for inspiration using virtual design projects. You may like something that does not exist in real world, but you could try find something really visually similar. Lastly, you may discover some products which you may have not considered before. All thanks to new approach to search.

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