Visual search engine for e-shops

GetSnap – is a visual search engine (also known as search by a picture) for your e-commerce website. It is sophisticated AI/ML based solution that delivers the best results within the matter of milliseconds.

This solution allows your customers easily find visually the most similar products they are looking for directly in your online store.

Our technology works with any product categories, but stores offering apparel, furniture, DIY, jewellery and lamps may expect the fastest ROI and enjoy growing sales and customer satisfaction.

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Individual approach

For the best search results, GetSnap will adjust detection algorithm to match all your product portfolio.

We also provide custom-built solutions. We could digitize your internal product catalogues to help your sales teams to visually search for products which are not available online.

Cross-device compatibility

We understand that sales via mobile devices are constantly increasing, thus our visual search works in all devices: PC’s and laptops, tablets, mobile phones and your custom built mobile apps.

Fast and easy integration

You just need to share with GetSnap your store’s product database. Majority of CMS systems have such a basic option reachable within a couple of mouse clicks.

For the front-end, you will only need insert a script to your website, all the rest will be done by GetSnap plugin, which is compatible with all CMS’es.

If you have any questions regarding implementation, contact us and we will answer all your questions.