Visual search

Why do your store needs search by a picture?

Better experience

Forget about what do you need to type into the search field. One button click in your phone and GetSnap will show you the most similar products in your e-store.

Increase sales

GetSnap solution increases conversion, customer satisfaction and their loyalty. GetSnap also helps to increase average order value.

Fast ROI

ROI of GetSnap visual search solution is as fast as a couple of months. Get competitive advantage and stand out from your competition.

How it works?

Take or upload a picture

Allow your online customers to easily find visually similar products they are looking for in your e-commerce store:

  • svg Search by taken or uploaded picture
  • svg Integration within 24 hours
  • svg Works on desktop and mobile (responsive) version
  • svg Compatible with your mobile application (iOS and Android)

GetSnap searches for the most similar pictures in your store

Doesn’t matter what do you sell. Our solution works with any product categories

  • svg Seamless database indexing
  • svg Integrate native or use GetSnap scripts
  • svg Ultra-high detection speed, despite of your location

The most similar products are displayed

Show your customers the best of your portfolio.

  • svg Show visually the most similar results, regardless of their category
  • svg Easy research functionality
  • svg Customers could modify search area for better results

Frequently asked questions

Your customers quite often do not know, how to name a product they are looking for

Imagine that your customer is looking for the shoes of a very specific design or shape. How could he find that products between thousands of other shoes?

And what if your customer is looking for some specific furniture for his house? Furniture could be of any shape, and searching by using product categories or word search could be inaccurate.

GetSnap allows your customers to find the desired product in a matter of seconds.

Indexing database

GetSnap has “to know” your products. It is as simple as exporting you product ID’s alongside their pictures and providing it to GetSnap via API, Excel, CSV or any other convenient way.

Installing a script

All you need to do is to add GetSnap script to your website. All the rest will be done by GetSnap which is compatible with all existing content management systems.

Optimised pricing for any size of the online stores

Depending on your store size and traffic GetSnap will suggest the best pricing. Get in touch and we will make an offer for you within 24 hours.