Visual search suite for your online store

Getsnap – is a visual search engine (also known as search by a picture or image search) for your e-commerce website. It is sophisticated AI/ML based solution that delivers the best results within the matter of milliseconds.

Individual approach

Forget about what do you need to type into the search field. One button click and GetSnap will show you the most similar products in your e-store.

Cross-device compatibility

Visual search plugin works seamlessly on PCs, smartphones and tablets. It is also compatible with all content management systems.

Fast and easy integration

Our plugin could be installed with few clicks. Integrate and enjoy fast ROI and increasing sales.

Visual search plugin

Allow your online customers to easily find visually similar products they are looking for in your e-commerce store:

  • Search by taken or uploaded picture
  • Integration within 24 hours
  • Works on desktop and mobile (responsive) version
  • Seamless database indexing

Visual similar recommendations

What if your customer does not have a search picture?

  • Optional similar recommendations feature allows to use any picture in your store as a search query.
  • Utilise promo gallery to give your customers some search suggestions and promote bestsellers.
  • Customers could modify search area for better results

Use Getsnap pop-up as product discovery tool

  • Promote the best of your portfolio
  • Enhance visual search with classic filtering tools
  • Improve sales actions by analysing usage statistics and CTR
  • Endless customization opportunities for enterprises
Pricing Free plugin for hassle-free installation, consultations
149.00€ / Month
  • Number of SKU’s: 10,000
  • Number of searches: 1,000 / Month
  • Additional search: 5 ct
  • Database indexing: 1 time / Month
249.00€ / Month
  • Number of SKU’s: 50,000
  • Number of searches: 10,000 / Month
  • Additional search: 4 ct
  • Database indexing: 2 times / Month
399.00€ / Month
  • Number of SKU’s: 100,000
  • Number of searches: 50,000 / Month
  • Additional search: 3 ct
  • Database indexing: 4 times / Month

More than 100,000 SKU’s? Please contact us.


What is the difference between visual similar recommendations and the regular ones?

There is no easy way to suggest similar products. Usually, store owners have to add these products manually or match by category or using sales data. With Getsnap solution, every single picture inside of your store could act as a query image and your customers could quickly see what visually similar products your store has to offer.

Why your online store would need visual search?

There are dozens of products which features could not be described easily by words. Therefore, search by picture is the most efficient way to explore your product catalogue.

We are happy to introduce innovative solutions which do not only help our customers to find the desired products easier and faster using visual search, but also benefit our business.
Ivona Litvinovič
UAB “Ardena”

Make your search one step ahead

Enhance your online store with a powerful visual search suite to empower easy product discovery. Get in touch to see how Getsnap could help your business succeed.